Saturday, February 17, 2007

Coaches Prayer

Friday night I was shooting a game in the second round of the 4A girls high school playoffs between North Augusta and Spartanburg. It was quite a game, back and forth all night and Spartanburg had the lead with a few seconds left and I noticed Spartanburg's head coach saying a quick prayer. While I was looking through the viewfinder trying to wait for the right moment I could read her lips, "Please let us win this one." I guess she was pulling out all the stops. She was quite animated all night as a lot of coaches are, fussing at the refs and that sorta thing. Sports can sometime bring out all of our emotions both good and bad. Anyhow I sent the photo to the Spartanburg Herald Journal along with several others and I'm kinda curious if it ran. I'll post a little more on this game later. Spartanburg wins 56-53.

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