Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Can't We Have Just A Little Snow

I was watching the news today a saw how our friends to the north are getting pounded by the snow. My son was asking "how come we never get any snow? "I know" I said "I want some snow too" I guess I never grew up and I still hope for snow every time it gets close and then I always think back to 1973. That's when our town had the "Big One." That was the year it snowed like 12 inches or something and life for a kid was great. You could actually build a snowman without it being full of pine straw, I mean a real snowman. I remember walking to the store with my dad hearing the crunching of the snow under my cold and frozen feet. The town seemed to come to a halt and the few that were out were slipping and sliding. That's still fun to watch. Seeing my small dog disappear as he jumped in the snow was like watching a video from the North Pole. Real snowball fights, man it was great for a eight year old. But I guess for now will have to accept the school opening two hours late for rain as our fun. I have my fingers crossed though and I think I always will.

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