Monday, December 22, 2014

Classic Chrome

Volunteer Melvin rings the bell for Salvation Army @3200 iso
Fuji just released their new firmware update for several cameras including the Fuji XE-2 that I use. I was most excited about the new Classic Chrome  film simulation. These are a few of the first photos I've taken using the new film simulation. 

All night gamers @6400 iso
 I'm obviously not a qualified to give a professional review, I just take pictures. All I can say is Fuji really does things right. I've been really impressed with their cameras and lenses. Yes, they have quirks, we've all read about all that stuff. Here's the bottom line for me. I love the image quality, size, weight and rangefinder style of the camera. I love it, so I just embrace it and learn how to use it.

Christmas Tree Ornament @3200 iso

I'm looking forward to exploring this new Classic Chrome film simulation from Fuji. All images made with the XE-2 and 18-55 lens.

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