Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Its been a while since I've shot a high school basketball game. First, the good part, they had added a few lights, so now its a dimly lit cave instead of a dark cave, but its better, whoo who, I'll take it. Next, shooting sports with an ancient (original 5D) is frustrating. I love a good challenge but when things are moving fast its like I can hear the mice running on the wheel making it focus and they chisel each image on a slab of granite. I feel like the seasons change between the blazing three frames per second. But, all that being said I still love that camera but something faster would be nice. So, you just make the best of it, you have to battle all the way and when the guy next to you fires off 10 frames a second you with his fancy Nikon D3S just look at them and say "cheater, stop with the video camera... really come on"

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