Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dancing Under the Stars

When you see a picture like this one starting to develop, you think oh cool I hope I don't miss this moment. Then as I raised the camera to capture this beautiful moment between "Granny" (as she calls herself) and her granddaughter, they both see me and I wonder will they just stop dancing for fear of being camera shy. They smile and let go and enjoy their moment, letting me do my thing. I think that's when the best pictures really happen, when they let you in and you become a part of their world. After about a dozen quick frames in light that was all but gone "Granny" smiles and says I'm pooped. I walked over and talked with them, getting names for the paper and they told me the story of the little girl named Jordan. She was 4 and had a double lung transplant at the age of 5 months. Now, a fully healthy kid enjoying life as she should. As her mother told me her story I could see tears of joy in her eyes and she said "You just don't know how much God has blessed us" I told her I just hope I did this moment justice in the camera.

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