Sunday, January 18, 2015

snow fest celebration and a sad pile of snow

a sad pile of snow
 I'm from the south and for the record I love snow. Saturday's snow fest was a great event, lots of people, good food and even a few characters from Frozen were there. Last year I condemned the organizers (all in good fun) about not allowing snow ball fights. This year, well I'll complain about this huge pile of man made snow to play in. I'm sure it was a lot bigger before I got there, so I'll give them a pass. Haha,

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Deb said...

Hello! I discovered your blog earlier this morning when doing a search for Miss Baker - the spider monkey who survived a space flight. An older post of yours came up with a photo of her "husband's" grave marker and bananas. Anyway....I was captivated by your photos - and spent some time looking through some of them. I would spend more time, but am up to my ears in grad school and have much studying to do at the present time. I just wanted to tell you that I think your photos are amazing! Great shots! There hasn't been even one that I haven't loved. ...I was blessed to discover your blog and I will return! May God fill you this day with His joy!! Blessings, Deborah