Sunday, October 05, 2014

Tony Carr Jr.... Artist

Tony Carr Jr. is a full time artist living in the Augusta, Ga area. His work can be found in several galleries in the southeast United States, but let me talk about Tony for a moment. How can I describe Tony?....well words like creative, talented, passionate about his work and smart all come to mind but what strikes me most about Tony is his kindness to others. Former surveyor turned artist, Tony is always looking out for others. Yes, he wants to make his living in the art world, which is tough to do, but he wants others to be successful as well. I've gotten to know Tony personally and he is what we call in the south "good people" You won't find a better guy. One of Tony's skills besides being an accomplished artist is his knowledge of local history. Sometimes Tony and I will have lunch and talk about the local art scene but inevitably the conversation will migrate to history. This guy is like having google, wikipedia, a civil war and South Carolina history book at your finger tips. He knows facts, figures and dates better than anybody I've ever met. I keep telling him he should be lecturing somewhere. And, oh by the way he can tell you anything about old pottery you want to know, he even repairs it to perfection. The Augusta National Golf Club has even used him to repair priceless antiques. He works in several mediums and a phrase he likes to use is " I like to use conventional tools in unconventional ways" If you are looking for one of a kind art pieces to decorate your home or business look  HERE to see a little of what he does.

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