Monday, October 27, 2014

The hunt

before the hunt
When I got this assignment I was very excited. This would be right in my wheel house, getting to hang out with my people, boys from the deep south who ain't scared of the woods. The story was about wounded soldiers who get to participate on a annual deer hunt that is held on property own by the government. I had conjured up this really cool photo in my head but as it turns out sometimes I only got to shoot a few photos of the hunters getting ready in 85 degree heat in icky light. I followed them to the blind and shot a few photos that I didn't like. Then I made my way back to the truck trying not to spook any deer. Randy, the guide for the hunt said he had pictures of a big buck on his trail camera for his wounded warrior friend, Danny. I liked Randy, he was a hunter. He told me he was worried when he heard he had a photographer coming. He didn't want some city boy in penny loafers messing up his hunt. I think it was obvious I didn't fit that bill. Danny's vehicle was hit by an IED during the war and he suffered crushed legs and a plethora of back injuries. He spent 3 years in a wheelchair and he said they told him he'd never walk again. He looked at me and said well I'm walking ain't I? Yes sir you are I said. From start to finish the photos took maybe 15 minutes. It was an afternoon assignment and I couldn't stay any longer....I had such high hopes for this one.....

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