Friday, April 18, 2014

what a ride!

67 chevelle

67 chevelle

454 stroker motor
There's nothing on earth better than riding in a muscle car with a souped up big block. Lucky me got the  chance a while back when the paper was doing a feature on hot rods. When I pulled up at Rodney's house and saw this totally awesome 67 Chevelle sitting in the driveway and I said "holy crap what a car I hope it has a big block in it". After a bit the reporter had his story and left and now it was my turn to shoot a few photos of the beautiful work of art. First off, Rodney knows what he is doing, he's a engineer who can turn a wrench and that can be a deadly combination my friend. Everything was first class from the paint job to the Doug Herbert engine. I could have looked at it all day. Now, here's the good part. Rodney told me to hop in and I did without hesitation because you see I was bitten a long time ago by the sound of big horsepower....they say that sort thing gets in your blood and I can attest to that. This hot rod had a five speed with 650 hp and you could feel the vibration of all that big block had to offer as we backed out of the driveway. As we pulled out into the street I thought "please God lay it on his heart to take me for a spin in this baby" and Rodney must have felt all the forces of my brain  trying to will this rocket ship down the street and burn a little rubber. We drove through the neighborhood gently breaking the tires loose as he went through the gears just feeling the power of this great beast was just incredible. After a trip around the block I thought to myself "if this car was mine I would have no drivers license by dark". This car is way too much fun to ride in. There are those who want to do away with fossil fuel burning cars and maybe one day they will be a thing of the past but this is one fellow who likes feeling big block power about as much as breathing so at least I got a really cool thrill ride in before it's all gone. Thanks Rodney, you made my day.

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Deadchaser said...

Yes Rodney has always been a perfectionist since childhood. I am proud of the choices he has made in Life as well as his determination to build his Chevy as that has long been one of his goals in life.
Proud to be his Father!