Monday, February 24, 2014

ice storm part 2

bus window on ice

my backyard

1st morning after storm
All I can say about our community is wow. I've never seen so many people come together to help each other out after this ice storm. I think it was the worst one in my lifetime for sure. The night the storm hit we lost power and we all huddled around the fireplace to stay warm with our blankets and counted the transformers as they blew illuminating the sky with an spooky blue glow. I got to 25 before I fell asleep. Then the sound a trees and limbs snapping and crashing to the ground filled the night. We knew it would bad in the morning. You can still hear chainsaws running nearly 2 weeks later.....

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Augusta Stake said...

These are incredible photos, Mike. I have been trying to find contact info for you. You did a shoot at our service project last week for clearing debris from this crazy storm! I submitted an article to a national pub for our church based out of Utah with a readership of hundreds of thousands and wanted to see if you would want to share your photos to accompany it. Please call email me @