Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sad night

Well the season ended for the Jackets last Friday night with a heartbreaking lost to the Gators from the low country, 49-6 was the final. They were just one game away from going to the state championship. Honestly, I almost didn't take the photo above, why you might wonder, well, as a journalist you have to tell the story bottom line and sometimes that can put you in an uncomfortable position. I have huge respect for the young man above, all world athlete and a great guy to boot. This young man works like a beast and lays it all out there, he holds nothing back and it was a honor to watch him play this year. I was worried he wouldn't like me there taking this photo even though I felt like it was the photo that told the story for the Jackets that night. They had came so far, worked so hard but lost. Here comes me with the camera swooping in to shoot this heart felt hug. I felt like I was intruding, I know it's my job but maybe I was a little too close to this team. Maybe I liked them a little too much ( I'm supposed to be unbiased). But, I knew I had to shoot it, I hesitated and almost missed it. I've been doing this a long time now and have gotten kinda thick skinned sometimes but this one got to me a little because I know how hard these guys worked for it. I looked in their eyes walking up an down the sidelines and I thought about how much I'd seen them grow this year. And in their loss they showed they could lose with honor. No trash talking after the game, they knew they played hard and never gave up. I hope that never quit attitude will stays with them for a lifetime. There was a reporter there that walked away from the field after this game with tears in his eyes though he will never admit it. As I left the field headed for the computer I took one more look at the field with parents still hugging their boys and I thought wow what a night. Time was ticking I had to go, quick five minute edit, caption and send photos for the morning paper and then the long ride home. Well, I'm already looking forward to next year, I'll miss hearing the band playing those fight songs, the hot dogs, the jokes we tell and occasionally getting hit in the privates with a football. Tell next year, GO JACKETS.

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