Monday, September 05, 2011

labor day vacation, end of summer

end of the trip, end of summer, why am I excited?
the road less traveled
t-man beats the crap out of dad's bike
view from the camper
mom forces son to drink from the dog's bowl
daughter fishes as the day ends.

Highlights and lessons learned from the trip.
1. never let a 3rd grader have unlimited HiC
2. my daughter caught the most fish
3. saw a 6ft. long black snake
4. finally got much needed rain
5. ate some good camp food
6. always bring an extra tarp so your wife doesn't have a hissy fit
7. public showers aren't my favorite
8. kids can still keep up with their friends via text messages
9. kids won't study for test while camping
10. dogs will poop in the water

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