Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my son the golfer

We walked the course until dark today. He works so incredibly hard, expects so much from himself, seemingly never happy with anything less than perfection which we all know seldom comes in golf. 15 years old 5'10'' 126 pounds soaking wet and out drives me by a mile. He's gotta heart full of desire, sometimes it's hard to watch, sometimes his temper gets the best of him but I know it comes from drive, desire and sheer want to (the stuff you can't teach). I counsel him about attitude, perseverance and self control, all the things that one must learn on their own. It's been a treat spending time with him on the course even though sometimes he hates my lectures. But to be honest, I think he's taught me more than I've taught him. I've seen some incredible golf shots in the last few years and I know there are many more to come. Keep at it little buddy you'll get there.

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