Monday, June 13, 2011

Tommy, Fishin and Spitting on the Hook

I met a guy at the pond today named Tommy, he seemed to be a gentle soul who just enjoyed spending a little time wetting a hook. He told me about all the fish he had been catching this year at various ponds and at the big lake up the road. I noticed he shared his bait with the others that were there fishing and offering his help if they needed. Such a like able guy. Then I saw a friend of mine who had his 7 yr. old grandson Drew with him. This little guy was full of questions and was smart as a whip. I pulled my bait up out of the water and he asked if I had caught anything. I said "no". He said "you have to spit on the hook for luck if you want to catch something" I first heard that saying 40 yrs. ago, so I decided to put it to the test. I said "OK Drew, do me a favor and spit on the hook for me" He quickly obliged and I put the bait back in the water and said to his grandfather kinda quiet like " I'd give dollar to see it work right now" and almost instantly the cork went under and I caught a bream. Drew said "I told you it would work" I laughed "Wow Drew it did work" So I showed him the fish and he gave me a high five and he and grandpa headed home. Then he stopped and said "you owe me a dollar" Then my son proceeded to catch 4 more right quick like. So Drew, maybe you do need to spit on the hook for luck, it worked today. And I'll have your dollar when I see you next time.

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