Sunday, April 10, 2011

green door

We have an old house, built in 1939, so this means there is always something in some sort of transition between being fixed, totally fixed, going to be fixed and maybe one day fixed. Lately we have been thinking about changing the color of our front door. First off, I'm from the south but I'm not much on antique white (boring) we are just a little different ( sorta kinda artsy I guess) so after much debate we had decided on some sort of green. There are twelve million shades of green and to me they all look pretty much the same, I'm a primary color kinda guy. To make a long story short, after I got home with the paint and slapped on a fresh coat, me and the wife walked out to the road and took a look. At first it was silence, then we said maybe when it dries it will look different and after that we just starred some more. I still have to finish the trim around the door and the black kick panel will be gone but I'm just not sure about the color. We watched as people drove by and looked, we were hoping to see a reaction. I told her I think that last guy was in the early stages of a stroke. Then I heard a police siren and I said oops I think we broke a law. I joked and said the dog dry heaved when she saw it. I did see a bug land on it and stay for a while but maybe the color just blinded it and it just ran into it by accident. Anyhow we will see how long it stays this shade of green.

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Ron said...

I am not sure what it looks like in person, but I like the way it looks in the picture on this monitor. That is one seriously cool door. It makes a great photograph.