Thursday, February 10, 2011

ladies hoops

I been thinking a lot lately about photography and what kind of photographs do I really want to take. The above photo is obviously a girls basketball game and I love shooting sports but I feel it's average at best. I always seem to capture good action but out of focus. My cameras are old and slow and it always feels like a David and Goliath struggle each time I go out, but I do relish the challenge sometimes. Plan and simple I don't have enough money to really do it right, (D3 and megabuck lenses) but I'm tired of settling for mediocrity. Time has also been something that has been in short supply lately. I've had this long term project in my brain and heart for a while now, it kind of keeps eating at me. Part of me wants to clear my schedule and shoot only this one thing for a year and see where it takes me. But it will take time lots of time.

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