Thursday, May 10, 2007

There's A Picture Everywhere

My 8 year old baby girl and I took my son to ball practice today and she was complaining that she would be bored and there would be nothing to do. I suggested we work on her photo project her teacher assigned the class for next week. So I grabbed the D70 and a wide angle and once we were at practice we walked around in this vacant field. She looked around and said "how could there possibly be a picture here" I admit, it was pretty barren, but I told her "there's a picture everywhere you go, you just have to look" My theory was about to be tested, then I looked down and saw our shadow "bingo" there's our picture. Once I took the picture of our shadow, I showed her the cloud formation overhead and commented on the blue sky. Then she said "look ! Mickey Mouse , right in the middle of the clouds" and she took a photo of the clouds. Do you see it? She got an A on today's camera lesson.

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